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Only 10% of people, who purchase a personal development program actually complete it and follow through on the actions suggested within the program.

I can honestly say that this shocks me. It is mind blowing to me, that within this statistic, includes dietary programs to better health. Even the American Medical Association statistics on dietary changes state that after cardiovascular surgery, only 10% of patients actually make the necessary changes to their food and lifestyle to NOT DIE within the next 5-10 years.




Well my dear friends this has got to change! The real question is how? How do we create the changes within us that are necessary to follow through on the health plans we or our medical advisers have set for us.

To be honest the answer to this is very complex and is individual to each of us. I know why I don’t follow through on certain things, I also know you don’t follow through on your things as well…but then again I am kinda trained to see these patterns. That is what I coach, so I am always on the lookout for the reasons. When  a new one crops us, I tend to pay attention to it

The answer to that question though is individual for everyone, always has some common threads.

1-We have linked positive thoughts and feelings to the behaviour that keeps us stuck

2-We have weak follow through muscles, so much so, that when we say to ourselves, “I will not eat this anymore!” or “I will go for a walk today.” You don’t actually believe that you will follow through.

3-Self comfort through food has replaced connection and interaction, it is how we connect and interact with ourselves and others.

4-Boredom and the need for constant stimulation sabotages our efforts because we have to be doing something all the time.

Why? Why is it that we as a race of conscious beings do not actually follow through on the changes we want, with these programs that we have invested money into purchasing? To follow through in that new lifestyle plan, exercise regime, study schedule seems to be the most difficult part of being an adult in our global landscape.

But I don’t want to go all negative here. Every person has their own tangled ball of reasons that is individual to them, and the coaching that needs to happen is personally geared towards them. But what I can do is share what the top 10 percenters have in common.

Top 7 common reasons why they do.

1 Vision.

They have a vision of what they want their life to be like, what it means for them to have achieved their goals, and how they will feel when they do.

2. Plan.

Every single one of the top 10% have a plan of how they will get themselves to their end goal and exactly what it entails. They have that plan broken down into what they will achieve and by when. For my success I menu plan. I bulk cook.

3. Support

They have support from the people around them, from their community (yes Facebook does count) and have worked enough on themselves to know how to support themselves moving forward.

4. A coach

Yep, you heard me. Most of the high achievers on our planet have a coach right now, or have been coached in the past. I am talking Richard Branson, Michelle Bridges, Oprah, Bill Clinton, Andre Agassi. They have all been coached. What is the difference between you and someone who achieves their goals… they have a coach.

5. Investment.

The top ten percenters have invested in their own success. Whether that be for a healthy living plan, a 10-12 week program, books, videos, memberships. Every single one of them have invested in the tools that will move them towards their success. Investment includes not only financial, but time, energy, focus, attention etc

6. Self aware.

They all have enough awareness over what they do and how they do it. They can see where they might let themselves down.  They know their RULES. I have a convenience rule. If it is not quick and convenient, I tend to not follow through. So knowing this about myself, I pre-make my smoothie bags in the morning, so all I have to do is mix, pour and blend. I even pre make my juices so all I have to do is defrost and drink. They know what they are capable of following through on, and what they are not. They know themselves well enough to foresee the pitfalls.

7. Accountability.

Yep this is also correct. They have someone that they are accountable to in the beginning stages, who helps keeps them on-track and engaged in the daily action of doing. Richard Branson has stated, after a while this drops off as you begin to internalize accountability and hold yourself accountable to you instead of to that external source.


Program adherence, whether it be for healthy living, study, or personal development is crucial to you achieving the success that you desire.

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