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Well this week has just flown by! The kids are ALL at school, and if any of you know me, and our history of Homeschooling, you can understand why this was a big deal! This week was big for me as well. This week I decided, without much research to rebuild my Website, change web hosts, email hosting and basically do EVERYTHING again from scratch.
OMG! I cannot believe that I had to start again from scratch….This was such a huge task I was thrown into overwhelm.

To be honest, it has been a steep learning curve. I have felt so frustrated I wanted to thrown the computer against the wall. I have felt completely engrossed and not wanted to be interrupted by anything. I have been hyper focused and completely scattered. The one thing that has kept me going is my internalized desire to, “learn something new” and to learn it initially at a basic level, and now to learn it better. The Learning curve starts with a desire to learn something new. For me it was how to build a Word press site that actually functions the way that I want it to for my business and also so that it is more user friendly for those that visit my pages. At first basics took a while to wrap my mind around, and they took a whole lot of time as well. Once I was satisfied by the basic understandings that I had, I began innovating. As soon as you begin innovating, more questions arise, the more bunny trails to follow, the more I want to know, so that I can do better. My learning curve follows what is called the Adult Growth Model. The Adult growth model demonstrativeness learning stages everyone travels through, when they learn a new skill, topic, or in my case, how to build a website from scratch.
The first stage is RELIANCE: This is where we rely on other people, and resources to give us the information that we need to answer our initial question. We seek expert opinion, consult friends and family, research some more until we have enough of an understanding to answer that initial question. Then we shift to the next stage.   REBELLION. What occurs here, is we have answered the initial question, and feel as though we have enough of a grasp on it, to “Have a red hot go” at it. Then our first attempt is generally unsatisfying and leads to further questions, so we sink back into Reliance. We go back and forth through these two stages until we have gained enough experience and mastery for us to begin the next stage.
BTW I spent a looong time looping between Reliance and Rebellion. TOO long!

RESULTS/ INDEPENDENCE. When we begin achieving the results that we were after, we have enough knowledge and understanding to support us, we strike out and independently begin generating the results that we want. So in my case, I had watched enough webinars, YouTube videos, and searched the help pages, made pages and scrapped pages, for me to completely delete everything and begin again. Start with a clean state. So I wiped my account and reset WordPress.   The final stage is REALIZATION/ INTERDEPENDENCE This stage occurs when the realization hits us that there will always be more to learn, more questions to ask, more bunny holes to travel down. It is knowing and understanding that as a learner you will continually be moving through all these stages, on a continuous loop. That as we learn more, we question more, so therefore we want to learn more. Realization and Interdependence is when we have the ability to drawn connections between pieces of information, that helps us to generate more question.
So as I am answering one question, rebuilding another page, forming conclusions and then researching those new questions, I am continuously evolving, and growing. If you wanted to visually watch my growth and progression through the Adult Growth Model, stay updated on my website.   Every time I learn something new, it will change. And as we all know….Change is good! Rebecca

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