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 What is self-trust?

What is self-confidence? What is self-esteem?

These are all really great questions that out in the real world, feel vague and fluffy.

Self trust is really…I believe me when I tell myself stuff

Self-trust is the basis upon which, healthy self-confidence and self-esteem is built upon. Do you trust yourself? Do you believe what you tell yourself about you, your life and your future?

In my coaching practice, the overarching mission is to reconnect people back to themselves. Back to who they were, are and will be. This process of re connection, is both fast and slow.

The first steps everyone must go through, is an honest assessment of where you are right now, and the distance between that and where you want to be. The bigger the gap, the more dissatisfaction you accumulate.

Too often we expect the people around us to fill the gap, to fill us up, to make us feel better. If self-trust is low, NO amount of compliments or “Atta’ girl” will make you feel better, because you don’t believe you, so how can you believe them?

When you are at that point of honesty, of real world reality. As a coach, we then begin to work on self-trust. Self-trust is when you believe the stuff you tell yourself, in your own head. As people, we have a tendency to believe all the negative ego self-talk. You have a lot of evidence that supports how crap you feel you are. Self-trust kicks in, when you consciously follow through with the jobs, tasks, promises, and actions you tell yourself you are going to do. If there is no positive filtering and follow through, self-trust is low, and therefore so is self-confidence and self-esteem.

Say it with me: I HAVE HIGH STANDARDS! Say it as many times as you need to, to start feeling it.

By building the follow through muscle, transition happens slowly at first, and then as you recognize that trust and belief is increasing, the change picks up speed, and creates a momentum all of its own.When there is enough evidence that you believe you, change quickly follows to close the gap between who you were, are and will transform to become.

Key Take Aways.

  • Follow through builds self-belief.
  • Look for evidence that supports that you follow through on what you say you will do.
  • Maintain positive self talk that you do follow through
  • Tell yourself that you always follow through
  • Tell yourself that you have “high standards”


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