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Your Ego NEEDS to be Right!


One of the needs of the ego is to be right. Historically, from a survival perspective, if you were wrong, it could very well mean you were eaten. So as species, we are invested in being right.

This plays into your whole life through many different behaviours. But today, let’s focus on being right and weight loss.

When we look at the ego within us objectively, the ego’s main job is to keep you alive. It is based on the understanding that “new” and “change” equal threats to your survival. If change and unknown things are threats, then it makes perfect sense, that we avoid change and new things as they make us feel uncomfortable. And uncomfortable in the “survival world” is dangerous and could kill and eat you.


A new unfamiliar plant, or food source, could kill you. Breaking through the comfort zone, was a dangerous thing.

The paleo food movement has taught us that we are basically the same physiologically now, as we were back then. So why would we expect our programming to change? The ego still wants to protect us, and it still wants us to be right.

Conditional Programming.

1- we are “right” where we are.

2- we are surviving where we are.

3- all that is known is safe

THEN… going on a diet (enforced famine) would naturally be seen to be “wrong” by our programming.


Changing foods would also be seen to be “wrong” by the ego, as we have survived so far on what we have eaten previously. We use self-sabotaging behaviour to keep us safe within our known eating and exercise patterns because we are certain that they will not kill us. (as in are poisoned and death occurs quickly) The ego keeps us safe. The ego keeps us alive.

The ego keeps us safe. The ego keeps us alive.


This is a perfect example of how we use the power of the Ego unresourcefully. It doesn’t bring about our desired outcome or goal. The ego stops us from achieving what it is that we want, which is weight loss, weight management and long-term improvement in health.


If you want to really lose weight, you must move the ego’s need to be right, so it is not where you currently are. We will fight to be right. We will argue, yell and throw a tantrum, stand our ground and become as unmoveable as a mountain, in order to satisfy our need to be “right”.

I Wonder…

What if we flipped right and wrong?

What if we turned it upside down and used the power of the ego to help us achieve our goals?

I wonder what could be possible if we did?


What if “right” was eating super nutritionally dense food? Not eating super well would therefore, be wrong.

I used to eat just regular old food. That felt right. Now I aim to eat mostly organic food. I have moved what is right. So now, eating “regular food” feels wrong, because organics feel so right. I have a delightful friend, who told me a story of how one day, she couldn’t get organics bananas through the Sunbury Organic Food Coop, and so she tried to buy non-organic bananas from the supermarket. And she couldn’t bring herself to do it. It felt so wrong!

I used to reward myself with takeaway food and chocolate. That felt right to me. Now I reward myself with watching an episode of my Fave Drama TV show and a cuppa coffee. It feels right and pleasurable to reward myself that way, and so, that old way feels wrong, because the new way feels sooooo right!


What if daily exercise was right? It would mean that not participating in daily exercise was wrong.

I don’t exercise. To me that feels wrong. It has negative associations with it that I found difficult to work around. So I changed the name and the intention. Now I “Power Up!” in the mornings. I feel right doing it. Not doing it feels wrong. I have only positive associations with “Powering Up!” so it is a behaviour I will keep.


No-one enjoys being wrong. By flipping what we believe is right (comfort zone) to wrong, we pile on the pain of staying “wrong”. Moving towards being “right” is an excellent motivator to generate real and long lasting change. Use this strategy to assist you in meeting your healthy lifestyle goals.


At the end of the day, we all want to BE right! Right?

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