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Frequently Asked

Where are you located?

I live in Sunbury, VIC but please do not let that be a barrier to your coaching journey. I do see clients via Skype and phone and it is just as effective as face to face coaching.

Are you qualified?

Yes I am! I have a Masters In Life Coaching from The Coaching Institute which is an equivalent Diploma level qualification.

I am also a certified MetaDynamics TM practitioner which is The Coaching Institutes Certificate in Neuro Linguistic Programming.

I have been operating my own  business and seeing clients since 2012

Are you going to try and "sell" me anything?

There is no “selling” of my services. Yes I am in business and yes you pay for the service I provide. But the decision is always with you. I will always show you what I can, and it is up to you whether you come on board or not. No salesy talk here!

It’s about relationships, and whether you want a relationship with me, to help you build a better relationship with you!

I am struggling with finances can we come to some arrangement?

I am flexible so talk to me about your concerns. I also offer a Single Parent Pension rate as well as a “Teen” rate for my teenage clients.

Open communication is key.

I am unsure about the whole thing. What can I do to gain clarity?

As humans, we are always unsure and anxious before we begin anything new. Reach out and talk to me, and lets see if this is the next best step for you.

I promise you, I am not scary at all!

Online Coaching Resources

Breakthrough crisis with this Tool

Download this handy tool, that will help you gain clarity and create choice when you are going through a crisis.

The Trust Bank

Download this wonderful little activity to grow your levels of self confidence, self belief and self esteem. Self belief is something we want to feel, but no-one tells us how to actually get it.

Well, this activity tells you.


21 Day Online Program-Free

Do you want to get familar with some of the content and gain traction in one area of your life?

This program is designed to be delivered via a daily email. It is an awesome program that can help get you started.

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