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Welcome to the September Newsletter.


It is the aim of this newsletter to bring to you, awesome personal development and coaching resources that I have created and found throughout the month. I truly hope that you enjoy the content. Let me know what you think by commenting below.

Brene Brown: The Anatomy of Trust.


In this fantastic Oprah Masterclass, Brene Brown answers the questions, What is Trust? What does it mean to trust someone and How trust is built or destroyed?

I personally have watched this so many times, I could probably quote sections of it to you. It highlights to us that trust is not just one thing or one act. It is many things and many acts consistently done over a period of time. She uses the term BRAVING to break down trust into its components, that just make sense. I have heard clients say, over and over again, “I just don’t trust them” or “I just don’t trust me….” By watching this, you will finally understand what you have to do, to begin to build trust both with yourself, and with others.

I have created the following PDF that you can download and put on the fridge to remind you of Brene’s BRAVING so that it will help you to reflect on what you heard and to begin to implement it in your life. BRAVING Brene Brown Click here to watch the Video

Brené Brown: The Anatomy of Trust


BRAVING Brene Brown Click here to download poster

The Trust Bank

As the theme of this month’s newsletter is Trust, I thought that a small activity on building self-trust would be a fantastic addition. This is usually one of the very first home play assignments I give my coaching clients. You see, too many people have low self-trust and low self-confidence. What these terms really mean for people who have low self-esteem, is that they don’t believe themselves, when they tell themselves something good. That inner dialogue of I am okay, pretty awesome, beautiful clever…they don’t believe it. So the very first activity I assign is to begin to build their levels of self-trust and self-belief.

All change work begins with self and identity. It begins with building the evidence  of the words, “I can…” Self-esteem is one of those wonderful phrases people say, and yet a lot don’t know how to actually develop.

If you find that you could use a little improvement o=in the self-esteem stakes, then download this free activity and give it a go for a couple of days. But I warn you, self-confidence is addictive! The more you build, the more you want!

You can find the download for the activity here.

Ego is NOT a Dirty Word.

I love the ego and I love coaching my client on their egos. Contrary to popular belief, the ego is a wonderfully powerful force within our lives. It is our conscious awareness of ourselves as human beings. However, I truly think that the ego has received a lot of grief lately. It quite often gets the blame for all the negatively associated behaviours that it can trigger. Extreme selfishness, jealousy, self-centeredness, an inflated sense of self. But when you look at the ego from its positive attributes, your concept of it may just change. As with anything in this world. The ego in itself, it is not a bad thing. It is a neurological program that is hardwired into us for our survivability.  It is how you use it that determines it’s true value. I am part way through writing a 7 part series on using the power of the ego for your  benefit, and here are the links to the articles I have already written. I hope you enjoy them.

The 6 Needs of Your Ego

The Ego and Your Health

Your Ego Wants You To Be Right




Vision Boarding.

This week I created my “better late than never” vision board for 2016. I think the results are pretty awesome. It has everything on it that I am working towards. Embracing my own warrior within, honouring my soul, my work intentions, values, courses, my benchmarks for success…and if you look hard enough you will see the Braving image as well as the Trust Bank activity print up.

Vision boarding is a great way for you to visually create your plans for your future. You are setting your intention to bring into your reality all the different thing son your board. It is a constant visual reminder of what is important to you and the big picture. Every year I create my Manifestation board. Every year I walk my path towards it. It is the prize, that I keep my eye on.

If you want to create your own vision board, I last year I put together an online 7 day video course to help you do just that. It walks you through the steps necessary from concept to creation in 7 days. If you are interested, click the PayPal button below and it will take you straight to the checkout.


The 5 Disciplines of Love…..Tony Robbins


I aim to provide you awesome resources from amazing sources, and Tony does it again with a blog post about what to do within an intimate relationship if trust has been broken.

“Valentine’s Day might be over, but cultivating passion in your relationship should be an ongoing adventure. A sexy, exciting partnership takes focus and dedication to create — and it will light up every part of your life.

Whether you’re single or committed, these 5 Disciplines of Love will help you create a relationship full of earth-shaking excitement, joy and passion.”


Living Above or Living Below the Line.


I created this short Video last year about whether we respond or react to life. Let me know what you think!


Complimentary Consultation

Strategic behavioural intervention may not suit everybody and every problem. Unlike some other therapies, coaching is proactively focussed. It is centered around answering the questions of “How do I do this differently? How do I get the life I want to live? How do I get happy?”

Often as people, we are not given the skills and the information necessary to help ourselves to do “it” better. It is the job of every coach, to make themselves redundant. To give you all the skills you need to live a great life without them. That is the ultimate goal of all coaches.

What are some of the common problems that can be coached? 

□You don’t meet your own goals
□ You give up too easily
□ You say it’s too hard all the time
□ Your language is full of the “I can’t”
□ Repeating patterns of behavior, choices, language, thoughts, feelings
□ You don’t follow through and have low self esteem
□ You constantly complain about stuff you can’t influence or change
□ You focus on what can’t be done
□ You constantly focus on past hurts
□ You feel stuck
□ You stay stuck in “I don’t know” land

You see, strategic behavioural intervention is all about you moving forwards. Coaching is a therapy that proactively moves you out of the Suckzone and into action. So if you ticked any of the boxes above, book in for your complimentary discovery session. I have made it even easier by taking this online.

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