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Welcome to the August Newsletter.


It is the aim of this newsletter to bring to you, awesome personal development and coaching resources that I have created and found throughout the month. I truly hope that you enjoy the content. Let me know what you think by commenting below.

Tony Robbins News.

Anthony Robbins, the father if the modern life coaching profession, has just released his very first documentary called “I Am Not Your Guru”, on Netflix. The launch was on Saturday the 16th of July and I can honestly tell you that I watched it with a bowl of popcorn and a glass of wine.


Never before this documentary, has Tony Robbins allowed a film crew to film his Signature Date with Destiny 6 day event. The people are real, the break throughs are real, and Tony is real. If you have ever wanted to know what an event with Tony Robbins looks like, here is a chance for you to have a sneak peak. If you have ever wondered what a coaching intervention looks like, watch this! It is raw, emotive and captures the true essence of this amazing event and this amazing man.

I Am Not Your Guru watch the trailer here.


This week I have launched my new online course #7minutestoyou. This course is centered around choosing to change one behaviour, spending 7 minutes a day for 21 days on meeting that outcome. It is a very simple course jam packed full of targeted activities, live streams, emails, videos, and audios that will help you achieve your goals.

I am looking forward to the start date on August 1st. As this is very interactive I have set up a separate Facebook group to allow all the participants to have a safe place to go to give and gain support through their journey of change. I can honestly tell you that I am super excited to begin, in fact, I have been counting down the days until I can begin my own 21 Day Challenge. I am very pleased with how the Beta course is looking and very excited to be bringing this to all of you. It is not too late to signup if you wanting to do so.

We start on Monday the 1st, so jump in now.



The Quality of your life is determined by the quality of your relationships.

By the word, “relationship” I do not mean just the romantic kind. It is inclusive of all relationships, partner, parent, friend, child, work friend…all of them. We all have strategies that we run, to have our needs met within a relationship. A strategy is a set of behaviours that once triggered, carry through to a predictable ending. It is similar to a computer program that once you begin running, it is self-sustaining all the way through to its conclusion. Everybody have love strategies. I do, you do, your friends do, as do your parents.

Problems arise when your love strategies do not bring about your desired outcome. And that desired outcome is for you to feel loved and connected to another person.

You could ask yourself, why am I telling you about this? What makes it so important? The first step in building better relationships is to first understand what strategy you run that makes you feel loved. In a broad sense, the 5 Love Languages profile tool is a good starting point to help you understand what your primary love language is. Completing the profile is a good starting point to get you thinking about the question, what must happen for me to feel loved?

Though it is a good starting point, it is restricted by using only broad terms. Within Rebecca’s one to one strategy sessions, this is deepened into revealing your specific strategies for deep love, friendship, and all other significant relationships. The key to living a “happy life” is to maintain fulfilling relationships.

Tony Robbins: What it takes to have an extraordinary life

If you are interested in watching a deep interview with Marie Forleo.

I really love Tony Robbins and Marie takes it up to another level. Get to know the man and the philosophy behind coaching!

*warning adult concepts and language

5 Keys to having a good day every day

There are 5 crucial elements that you can utilize every day that will make sure that you are in the best position to have a great day every day.



Complimentary Consultation

Strategic behavioural intervention may not suit everybody and every problem. Unlike some other therapies, coaching is proactively focussed. It is centered around answering the questions of “How do I do this differently? How do I get the life I want to live? How do I get happy?”

Often as people, we are not given the skills and the information necessary to help ourselves to do “it” better. It is the job of every coach, to make themselves redundant. To give you all the skills you need to live a great life without them. That is the ultimate goal of all coaches.

What are some of the common problems that can be coached? 

□You don’t meet your own goals
□ You give up too easily
□ You say it’s too hard all the time
□ Your language is full of the “I can’t”
□ Repeating patterns of behavior, choices, language, thoughts, feelings
□ You don’t follow through and have low self esteem
□ You constantly complain about stuff you can’t influence or change
□ You focus on what can’t be done
□ You constantly focus on past hurts
□ You feel stuck
□ You stay stuck in “I don’t know” land

You see, strategic behavioural intervention is all about you moving forwards. Coaching is a therapy that proactively moves you out of the Suckzone and into action. So if you ticked any of the boxes above, book in for your complimentary discovery session. I have made it even easier by taking this online.

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