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How to Beat Chronic Pain With Heat

How to Beat Chronic Pain With Heat

    The funny things about Chronic that it is always present. It is always there, behind every smile, every chore, every wince, every meeting or chat on the phone. It is there. In the background...stealing the joy. Reminding you to not move that...

Pain, Life and Values

Pain, Life and Values

Pain, Life and Values.   So well, this is going to be another post like the last one. In my effort to pull off the band aid and reveal myself to you all, I have been overwhelmed by the responses of compassion, caring, offers of assistance and admiration of my...

And then my world changed

And then my world changed

Oh...Well...Jeez...I don't know what to say. I suppose that I should say something quick and clever, something that tells you to keep reading...but I can't. Today's post is all about me. So I am not sure if you will gain an "coach worthy" value from this...


Wellness Book Series

  • Part 1 – I am in the process of constructing my first book. Stay Tuned

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