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My best advice. The quality of your life is measured not in the accumulation of things, but in the quality of your relationships. Get connected to get happy!

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Expectation V’s Reality

Expectation V’s Reality

Expectations and Reality. Mind the GAP!   I would like to start this post discussing Expectations. How we expect something to go, what we expect something to look like. Expectation is the picture we build inside our heads about how we want something to go. We...

Meaning, Emotion and Life

Meaning, Emotion and Life

What makes a life extraordinary? Is it money, stuff, relationships, having a great body? To be honest with you, it's a little more complicated and yet easier than that. The good news is that to experience an extraordinary life, we create a life that gives us meaning....

How to Beat Chronic Pain With Heat

How to Beat Chronic Pain With Heat

    The funny things about Chronic that it is always present. It is always there, behind every smile, every chore, every wince, every meeting or chat on the phone. It is there. In the background...stealing the joy. Reminding you to not move that...


Wellness Book Series

  • Part 1 – I am in the process of constructing my first book. Stay Tuned

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