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Personal Life & Chronic Pain Coach

Helping You Find & Forge Your Own Path Forwards

Personal Life Coaching

Personal Coaching helps to uncover what is holding you back and assists you to create the real changes that will lead you towards greater life fulfilment and happiness

Chronic Health Coaching

Chronic Health Coaching helps you to construct at world that accounts for your current health condition whilst also amplifying your life satisfaction

“She cuts through to the core of the issue and then guides you to a place of empowerment.”

Adam S.

Self Confidence

Self Confidence is a skill that can be taught to help you actually feel better about your life conditions

Relationship Management

Managing your relationships in a constructive and fulfilling way to improve your daily life interactions

Stress Management

Manage your ability to live a fulfilling life, regardless of the conditions imposed by your physical body or by an external source

Chronic Health Conditions

Structuring your life so that you can gain the most satisfaction and fulfillment, whilst managing your chronic health condition

What Is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching is a therapeutic modality that is constructive. It helps you uncover what is blocking you and holding you back from living your best life, whilst actively moving you towards your goals. It is a proactive therapy that assists you to change the bits you dont enjoy and amplify the parts you do

Who Is Coaching For?

Coaching is for anyone who is stuck in any area of your life. Due to it’s integrative nature, creating a shift in one area, simultaneously creates shifts in many others. It is for individuals who are sick and tired, of being sick and tired. For those who know that “something has to change”, but are unsure how to do it for themselves.

What is The Process Like?

My coaching practice is based upon an Educational model of Coaching. Throughout the sessions, the client will be offered explanations/insight as to why they do, what they do, and also be facilitated to create change around the learning.

Throughout the sessions, the change work is almost seamless. Though uncovering the underlying cause can be revealing and liberating, it is when the revelation is paired with learning and proactive coaching, that change is often instantaneous and felt at an intrinsically deeper level.

1. Start with a meet and greet.

The first step is for us to meet up, either in real life in Sunbury, or via phone or Skype. It is here that you get to tell me what is going on and where you would like your life to be. It is also an opportunity for us to feel each other out, so that we can see if we want to, or can work with each other.

Coaching is so personal, we need to make sure we are a good fit!

2. Making the first appointment

If you decide to move forward with your coaching journey, your First session will be going over your client profile. I send you a questionnaire via email and we discuss the questions and your answers so that I can fully understand where you are, where you have been and where you want to go.

3. Session 2: The work begins

In each session we start out with a quick informal chat about how you have been going, and whether anything has surfaced during the week that needs to be addressed before we begin working towards your desired outcomes. This clears the air and allows you to be in a good place to create your desired changes.

4. 4 weeks goes by so fast

At the end of the initial 4 week contract, you make the decision to continue with your coaching journey, or whether you would not. The choice is yours. If you decide to continue, the new contract is signed and we begin 3 month journey to create the pervasive and permanent change you desire.

This is where the deep work gets done! We go into every space needed to create the changes you desire.

By the end of the 3 months, as with my educational model of coaching, you have enough information to move yourself forwards.

My job is to put myself out of a job. To give you all the tools and resources that you need to coach yourself!

5. Top up sessions as needed

Typically, after the 4 month journey your life feels completely different. You have created the changes in both perspective and situation that you desired and you are ready to move forward without so much support. This last stage is designed so that if you need some extra support during difficult times, it is there.

Coaching Packages

1 Month Coaching Package

This is the introductory coaching month. The first month allows us to uncover the base causation of your current distress, and to see if coaching is a viable modality for you to create some change in your world. The sessions are timed at weekly intervals to allow time for the new information to settle, and the changes to become apparent.


3 Month Coaching Package

After the initial Month has concluded, you are able to choose to dive deeper into creating the desired changes in your world. With up to one session a week for 12 weeks, change is an inevitable outcome.

It is inside these sessions that the real work is done.

$395 paid monthly

Individual Sessions

Available only after concluding the 1 or 3 month coaching packages. Often at the completion of the coaching journey, life will come along and trip you up. Individual sessions are more life a “Life Tune Up” that helps you progress through the current event in a way that adds clarity and a reset mindset.

$120 paid at the time of the session

About Me

I am a mother, sister,  daughter and friend. In my life before coaching I was a teacher, and teaching is still something that I love to this day.

Besides being a Life Coach, I also have a unique insight to the life of a chronic condition sufferer. I have been there, and I have constructed my world to make the most out of everyday life. 

Though life, at times, can be difficult, as is everybody’s.  I juggle my responsibilities of managing a busy household,  working as a teacher and of coaching. My life is filled with a great level of joy, happiness and life fulfillment. Getting it to that place has taken me on my own journey of self discovery, coaching and change.

My life is as I have created it to be…even with chronic daily pain.


“Straight away I knew I would get results with her. Her strict yet gentle guidance particularly around the language I used was particularly helpful right away. Something I respected was that she was consistent with this guidance. We delved deeply into my issues and created together some relevant and practical skills that I could apply to help achieve better results. I still use many of these skills. I thoroughly recommend Rebecca’s services to anyone serious about real change.”

Rory Manathunga

“My overall experience with Rebecca was very rewarding and worthwhile. We touched on very sensitive topics and got deep down to peel back the layers in order to become aware of how I operate and why. I learnt about the core human needs and using this guide, has helped me make sense of certain situations and why the desired outcome was not achieved. Rebecca helped me dig deep which has made huge impacts on who I am in my life.” Amy Bugeja

Rebecca is very good at this! Before working with her I was feeling overwhelmed and stuck in a number of areas of my life. I knew I had to do something different in order to get a different result but my efforts to figure it out on my own hadn’t been as successful as I’d have liked. In working with Rebecca I was able to face the thinking patterns that were causing me to stay stuck. She helped me set and stick to boundaries in personal and professional relationships and to put my own needs and wants first. I feel so much more acceptance of myself now and less need for approval from others.

Ellen Grace

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